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Mountain Resort Ownership Options That Suit Your Lifestyle

Like the range of experiences that await you outside your door, there are a variety of ways you can own your Mountain Spirit Resort home.

Whole Ownership

You can choose whole ownership and simply come and go whenever you please, or you have the option to enroll your home in the resort’s optional rental program, allowing you to use your home when you choose and derive an income from it when you are away. Picture yourself arriving and not having to worry about chores and just settling into your dream mountain getaway.

Fractional (Quarter Share) Ownership

Mountain Spirit Resort also offers a quarter ownership option for select residences. Quarter ownership allows you to enjoy all the benefits of ownership, at a quarter of the cost. You will receive a deeded title to your share and will have access to every fourth week throughout the year. Quarter ownership is perfect if you plan to only use your home occasionally, freeing up your capital to spend elsewhere, or even to purchase additional homes in other destinations. Using quarter ownership, you could own four homes for the price of one. Just like any other real estate purchase, you can sell, transfer, will or rent your share whenever you choose.

Optional Rental Management

You can choose to join the optional rental program offered at Mountain Spirit Resort. Click for more information on our Optional Rental Management.

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“Four hours door to door. We love our investment in Mountain Spirit Resort & Spa. The friendly and professional staff are always there to answer any questions we might have. We always look forward to our retreat time at the Resort and only wish we could spend more time at our Condo.”
Bruce & Nancy H, Calgary, AB.